Constant pulse ceramic production capacity

Release time: 2017-12-14
HMCERA   Production capacity
HMCERA    material homemade
HMA - 998: Al2O3, with good dielectric   properties and corrosion resistance
Hma-95:95% Al2O3, has better corrosion   resistance
Hmz-y: ZrO295% contains 3 moles of Y2O3, with   good mechanical properties at normal temperature
Hmz-mg: Mg stable ZrO2 has good mechanical   properties at high temperature
Hmaz-zta85: toughening Al2O3, with better   mechanical properties than Al2O3 ceramics;
HMAT- 1800: the temperature can reach 2,000   degrees
HMCERA sintering ability
External diameter: maximum outer diameter   (zirconia 500mm alumina 600mm)
Length of sintering: the maximum degree is   2200 mm
HMCERA    finishing ability
The maximum height is 600mm
The maximum length is 2500 mm
Maximum outer diameter of 600 mm
The maximum CNC length is 1200 mm
Dimensional accuracy and tolerance
Dimensions: plus or minus 0.01mm
Flatness: less than or equal to 3 mm /485 mm
Cylindricity: 2 or less (including m/ x L500   50 mm
Surface roughness: Ra 0.01~Ra 0.2 or   equivalent