As an engineering structure, the constant - pulse nitride ceramics are becoming more and more important in industry. Silicon nitride ceramics with excellent comprehensive performance and rich resources, is an ideal high temperature structural materials, has a broad application field and market, countries around the world are racing to research and development. Ceramic materials have the characteristics of hard wear, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, oxidation resistance, thermal shock resistance and low gravity.
The main material includes: alumina ceramic rod, zirconia ceramic rod, constant pulse nitride ceramic rod
Dimension accuracy: up to 0.001;
Finish: can reach Ra0.03;
Concentricity: can reach 0.01;
Parallelism: to 0.002
Outside diameter size: machinable 0.5-600 - mm length: 0.5-2200 - mm can be processed
Thickness: can be machined to 0.02 mm;
Thread: can be machined internal thread M3, external thread unlimited.
Can also provide various ceramic precision structural parts customization and raw materials wholesale materials!
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